Olastorpsvägen 15–21
291 39 Kristianstad

Olastorpvägen 15-21


On Olastorpsvägen you live near both green areas and the university. Kristianstad city center is only 20 minutes away by bus. In the area there is parking and access to a communal laundry room.

Housing (Olastorpsvägen. 15-21):
Bright and well-planned apartments with 1 room and kitchen of 34 sqm located in the attic hall with its own entrance. From the entrance there is a cozy alcove that leads through the kitchen to the living area. The home offers space for both a dining and study area as well as a sleeping and living area, there is also plenty of space for storage with closets and associated storage. Kitchen with fridge / freezer and oven with stove. Private bathroom with shower. The monthly rent includes heating, water, electricity, internet and TV. 10 months rent, rent free months in July and August.

  • Apartment type
    • 1 room, kitchen
  • No. Apt.
    • 48
  • Rent
    • ca 4481 kr/mån
  • Size
    • 34 sqm
  • Layout

Property description: Kaptenen 1, Kaptenen 2, Kaptenen 3

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