Many of our housing have parking spots available for you or for your guests. Below you will find information about parking for each neighbourhood.
Our tenants in Ronneby can park free of charge in the communal parking space.
In Luleå we have both guest parking and long term parking options. The guest parking spaces are marked out. At Laboratorievägen you can park for free for 3 hours, at Klintvägen for 6 hours and at Vänortsvägen for 48 hours. You can find and apply for our long term parking spots through My Pages. The parking spots are personal with two months’ notice, and are invoiced with your rent.
The parking spots are 2250 kr per year including a power terminal, and 1000 kr per year excluding a terminal.

These spots are conveyed per week and are offered to the first applicant of each spot. Note that you can only accept one parking spot per application. If you apply for more than one spots you will be assigned one spot and the other sports will be assigned to the following applicant.

Laboratorievägen and Klintvägen have their own parking spaces, and the last two digits of the article number specify the location. The parking at Vänortsvägen is separates into four differens areas where the 4-8 first digits of the article number's last ten digits specify which area. The last two numbers state the place. Please see the map of the different areas here.
Please observe that area 4-7 is partly closed for renovation and the remaining spots are conveyed through a (currently closed) queue until everyone in this queue each have a spot.
Mellqvistgatan 7, Karlstad
Parking spots without power terminal can be found on the courtyard and cost 400 kr per month, with no rent in July in August. Contact us at and we will help you with a spot.
Södra Kyrkogatan 7, Karlstad
Unfortunately we do not have any parking spots for rent at this address.
Lärdomsgatan 9 - 11, Göteborg
Unfortunately we do not have any parking spots for rent at this address.
Other neighbourhoods
Parkera issue digital permits valid for a month if there are parking spots available in the communal parking area. These are 200 kr per month. When registering for a permit they will ask for your rental-ID, which is the 3-7 digits and/or letters found below "Objekt nr" on the first page of your leasing contract.
Kolonivägen, Karlskrona:
Minervavägen, Karlskrona:
Vinter- and Kvintettgatan, Karlstad:
Beryllgatan, Göteborg:
Spånga, Stockholm:
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