Dags att flytta?


You must call and book an appointment for an inspection with the caretaker in your area no later than two weeks before leaving. Here you will find contact information for each technician:


Christer Lindgren (Vänortsvägen 2-46) Tel: 070-640 58 99
Email: christer.lindgren@sbsstudent.se

Jan Nordström (Vänortsvägen 48-134) Tel: 070-345 78 40
Email: jan.nordstrom@sbsstudent.se

Marcus Pihl (Vänortsvägen 136-138) Mobile: 070-330 91 90
E-mail: marcus.pihl@sbsstudent.se

Mikael Strömshed (Klintvägen) Mobile: 070-697 88 08
Email: mikael.stromshed@sbsstudent.se

Marcus Pihl (Laboratorievägen) Mobile: 070-330 91 90
E-mail: marcus.pihl@sbsstudent.se


Key submission:

After your inspection, the keys must be handed in at Studentbostadsservice at Tekniktorget 3, you do this no later than 11:00 am on the first weekday after your specified departure day. See Studentbostadsservice's current opening hours at www.studentbostadsservice.se