Södra Kyrkogatan 7 
652 24 Karlstad

Södra Kyrkogatan 7


In the delightful Karlstad, located on the northern shore of Lake Vänern and on the south coast of southern Värmland, you are in the heart of Sweden. On Gamla Kyrkogatan in the house which is also called the Sheriff, the old rebuilt police station in Karlstad, you live on a relatively quiet street in the middle of town with everything nearby. With bus 1, you are at the university in a quarter of an hour. The property has a common laundry room, environmental room and separate storage for each home.

The apartments are bright, nice 1 room apartments with a kitchenette, of between 20 - 25 sqm in white and gray color scale. Open, combined hall and kitchenette. Place for hanging at the entrance. Kitchenette with fridge / freezer, oven with stove and microwave. All cabinet doors are in a mild gray color. Open living / sleeping area with white walls and large windows. Spacious and fresh bathroom with tiled walls and shower.

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  • Apartment type
    • 1 room, kitchen
  • No. Apt.
    • 93
  • Rent
    • ca 4755-5386 kr/month
  • Size
    • 20-25 sqm

Property description: Freja 14

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