Ongoing projects 

The project comprises approximately 200 smaller student housing with a number of premises facing the street to promote city life as well as a communal roof terrace and courtyard. The project is located in central Norrköping with proximity to service, shopping, restaurants and good transport links.

Norrköping is Sweden's ninth largest city and is today a very popular student town. Norrköping is a city in transformation and the municipality's vision and goal for the city in 2035 is to increase the population to 175,000 inhabitants. Even as a student city, Norrköping will continue to grow and develop, attract more students and get more people to stay and work in the region. The municipality's vision and goal for the city in 2035 is also to increase the number of students to 10,000 students. We are pleased to be able to provide Norrköping with more affordable student housing in high quality in city-close locations.  

The project will begin in Q4, 2021 and be completed around the end of 2022/2023. The smaller apartments will be housed with built-in and efficient floor-to-ceiling storage. Each apartment has a room and kitchen and private bathroom. The kitchens are equipped with a combined fridge and freezer, stove with oven and sink. In the hall there are also good hanging and storage facilities. Communal laundry facilities are available on each floor. All apartments also have French balconies or patios for ground floor apartments.

In the building there will be seven premises located towards Repslagaregatan and Kristinagatan. These will be housed with businesses and shops.

  • Apartment type
    • 1 Rok
    • 1 Rok
    • 1 Rok
    • 1 Rok 
  • Nr. Apt.
    • 118
    • 80
    • 3
    • 1
  • Size
    • 16 sqm
    • 25 sqm
    • 26 sqm
    • 35 sqm

City: Norrköping
Address: Repslagaregatan/Kristinagatan
Property: Ankarstocken 27
Apartment type: Student housing
Number of apartments: 202
Planned construction date: Q4 2021
Planned move-in date: Q4 2022/Q1 2023