Panelgatan 9-58
238 37 Malmö



In Oxie, near Malmö, we have nice apartments ready for occupancy. You can stay here if you study (15 credits / semester) in Malmö and Lund as well as in Copenhagen!

Kristineberg Park is located approx. 10 km from Malmö city, close to green areas and communications directly to colleges and universities in Malmö and Lund. In the residential area there are courtyards with outdoor furnitures that makes it possible to socialize and study. The houses are built on two floors, which gives it a terrace house feeling. Near golf courses and leisure activities such as jogging, soccer field and pleasant walks. In the center you will find shops and restaurants as well as a health center etc. There is access to parking for bicycles as well as for cars (rented separately).

To be able to rent our student apartments, it is required that you study at a university / college, higher vocational education or at other fund-eligible post-secondary educations, and that you can prove this.

All our homes are conveyed through HomeQ. To see which apartments are available right now, klick here.

  • Apartment type
    • 1 room, kitchen (TP1)
    • 1 room, kitchen (TP8)
    • 2 rooms, kitchen (TP1)
    • 2 rooms, kitchen (TP8)
  • No. Apt.
    •      220
    •      51
    •      112
    •      12
  • Rent
    • 3998 kr/month*
    • 4080 kr/month*
    • 5298 kr/month*
    • 5580 kr/month*
  • Size
    • 22 sqm
    • 22 sqm
    • 34 sqm
    • 34 sqm
  • Layout

*Supplement of 250 kr/month will be added for electricity and water


On the property Malmö Träpanelen 1 (TP1) there is one building constructed in 2017.

On the property Malmö Träpanelen 8 (TP8) there is one building constructed in 2016.

Property description:

Malmö Träpanelen 1 (TP1)

Malmö Träpanelen 8 (TP8)

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