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If you don't have an account on DinHyresvärd, you have to create a new user account in order to access your rent notes and make error reports and update your personal information and also cancel your contract. On your first rent note you will find the activation code needed to create your new account. 

On these tenant pages,  it will be much easier for you to handle everything concerning your housing - rent notes, error reports and contact with your landlord. All rent notes will be sent to your email, so you don't miss anything important. Once clicking on the link you will reach the tenant pages where you ca create your new account and log into your new My Pages. 

Haven't received your latest rent note? 

Then it might have ended up in your junk mail.

Make sure to add as a trusted sender in your mail client, so no future rent notes end up in the junk mail.

Faulty report
As soon as you have created your new account with DinHyresvärd you are able to login to submit a digital faulty report to your superintendent.

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