Welcome to your new home

As a new tenant we want to wish you welcome home! We hope you will have a pleasant stay with us!

Moving day
You will gain access to your new housing from the date specified in your contract. If the date is on a weekend, you will gain access from the first weekday after this date. Make sure to carefully read your leasing contract as well as our routines for exchanging keys, inspection survey, comfort rules, faulty reports and invoice payment. You can read about these below.

Leasing contract
Make sure to carefully read your leasing contract prior to moving in so that you are aware of the rules and guidelines that apply. Student housing is intended for university students during the time of their studies. The tenancy agreement follows the Swedish law of renting a residence (§481/1995). If you are a registered student and have attached your letter of admission, the leasing contract is valid as long as you study at the university. If you quit your studies for any reason you are required to contact us immediately. The contract is signed digitally with Swedish BankID or, if you do not have a Swedish personnummer, with Touch Sign. 

Key exchange
If you move into one of our Luleå apartments the keys are collected on the moving day at Studentbostadsservice at Tekniktorget 3 in Luleå. If you are moving into Södra Kyrkogatan 7 or Mellqvistgatan 7 in Karlstad, contact Simon. You can reach him at his number 070-5865540.

In all our other areas we will contact you approximately two weeks prior to the move in date to schedule a time for the key exchange.

Remember to bring your identification and have your digital contract ready. Please be careful with your keys and return the same set of keys on the day you move out. Making own copies of your keys is strictly forbidden.

Inspection survey
The apartment will be inspected prior to you moving in. You will receive the inspection survey through email shortly thereafter. If you have not received it within a few days please feel free to contact us at info@sbsstudent.se

NOTE: The inspection survey has to be signed with BankID or Touch Sign, otherwise you take over the apartment in the current condition. Please read your inspection survey carefully. Potential remarks or additions to the survey has to be sent to us within 8 days from the date of key exchange. You send them by making a faulty report. Send all remarks in the same faulty report with the name ”Addition to inspection survey” and specify the added remarks. We will then contact you, asking for pictures of the added remarks and save your added information.

Changing address
You as a tenant in one of our apartments have to be registered (“Folkbokförd” in Swedish) at the apartment. Once you move in you have to report it to the Swedish tax agency at the latest 1 week after moving at www.skatteverket.se/flytta in order to register the correct address of residence.

Normally you will have a four digit apartment number, but if you live with your own entrance from the street (not from the stairwell) the digits and letter following your street address is the correct number. The Swedish tax agency then distributes your address to all governmental authorities. If you need to order a change of address for your mail, go to Swedish Adressändring, www.adressandring.se.

If you are planning to live abroad for one year or more you have to report it to the Swedish tax agency. If you are moving to another Nordic country you should register your move to the other Nordic country.

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