Minervavägen 20
371 41 Karlskrona

Minervavägen 20


Karlskrona has, with its beautiful marine character, developed into one of southeastern Sweden's largest cities with a great range of culture and entertainment. On Minervavägen you live near the city center and at only a short distance from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Bright and fresh, spacious and well-planned 1 room and kitchen of 34 and 40 sqm. The accommodation has its own bathroom with shower. Kitchen with fridge and freezer and oven with stive. The apartments have plenty of wardrobes and the 40 sqm apartments also have a spacious dressing room. The rent includes electricity, heating, water and TV and broadband. 10 months rent, with rent free months in July and August.

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  • Apartment type
    • 1 room, kitchen
    • 1 room, kitchen
  • No. Apt.
    • 85
    • 33
  • Rent
    • app. 5188 kr/month
    • app. 4650 kr/month
  • Size
    • 40 sqm
    • 34 sqm
  • Layout

One building constructed in 2010. 

Property description: Grenadjären 57

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