Kvintettgatan 1-9, Vintergatan 2-10
656 36 Karlstad

Kvintettgatan 1-9 & Vintergatan 2-10


Bright and well-planned ground floor apartments with 1 room and kitchen of 34 sqm. Here you live in a scenic area next to the university and get quickly and easily to everything Karlstad has to offer.

From the entrance ta cozy alcove leads through the kitchen to the living area. The home offers space for both a dining and study area as well as a sleeping and living area. Plenty of storage space and closets. Kitchen with fridge / freezer and oven with stove. Private bathroom with shower and private washer and dryer.

In the homely area there is access to parking and storage for rent. The monthly rent includes heating, water, broadband and TV. Electricity will be added. 10 months rent with rent free months in July and August.

  • Apartment type
    • 1 room, kitchen
  • No. Apt. 
    • 116
  • Rent
    • app. 4969 kr/month
  • Size
    • 34 sqm
  • Layout

Property description: Munspelet 1 och Mungigan 1

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