Klintvägen 85-95

Klintvägen 85 - 95


Luleå is the coastal city located in the magnificent northern nature. At Klintvägen 85-95 in Luleå, we have almost 330 student apartments in the form of furnished 1 room and unfurnished 2 room apartments. The homes are bright and well-planned and are located about 20 minutes walk from the university.

The homes are leased with 10 months rent with no rent during June and July. The rent includes electricity, heating, water and TV and broadband. Please note that the homes are non-smoking and that pets are not allowed in furnished apartments due to allergies.

Our student apartments in Luleå are conveyed through Studentbostadsservice, www.studentbostadsservice.se

  • Apartment type
    • 1 room, kitchen*  
    • 2 room, kitchen** 
  • No. Apt.
    • 305
    • 26
  • Rent
    • app. 5000 kr/month
    • app. 7000 kr/month
  • Size
    • 24 sqm
    • 49 sqm

*Furnished apartment

**Unfurnished apartment

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