Rent and payment

You can find all your invoices at My Pages, which are easily downloaded to PDF. The full rent is paid in advance, at the latest on the date stated on the invoice, usually the last weekday before the end of the month. Make sure you pay the rent at least 2 days prior to that date to make sure it will reach us in time. If you have not received the invoice or are missing important details by the end of the month, please contact us at and we will send it to you.

You each have a responsibility to contact us if you are missing an invoice. We do not send out reminders, and if we have not received your payment it is immediately sent to a debt collection company (“Inkasso” in Swedish). Make sure to always pay your rent in time, it will affect your housing reference from us if you do not pay in time. Continued late payments could lead to termination of your contract.

International students may have to pay a deposit of one months rent which is returned to you after moving out of the apartment. Contact us at if you have any questions.

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