Electricity, heat and technology

For everyone’s comfort it is important that heat and power functions properly in the apartments. If all tenants follow the rules accordingly we can avoid unnecessary power outages, damages from dampness or other disturbances and have a more comfortable and pleasant housing.

It is not allowed to turn off the heat in the apartments during the cold months of the year, as it can cause severe damage to the apartment.

Electricity/ Power outage
If you are lacking power in part of or all of your apartment, start by checking your safety fuse. In most apartments there are electrical cabinets inside the apartment. Are all safety fuses on? Is the earth fault switch and the main switch on? If not, turn it on. Perhaps you had too many appliances connected simultaneously? Look out the window to see if the neighbours have power? Maybe there is a bigger power outage? If the problem is not solved, what did you use the latest? Try turning the power switches off and unplug all wires before turning on the safety fuses again. Troubleshoot by unplugging everything and then reconnecting your appliances one by one. You might have noticed something before the power went down, a lighting bulb might have broken or something else may not have functioned properly. If the problem still remains, please make a faulty report to us.

Installing dishwasher, washing machine and dryer
If these appliances are not already installed in your apartment, we are unfortunately not able to offer installation of these appliances.

Appliances the tenant is responsible for maintaining
As a tenant you are responsible for purchase and change of batteries for the fire detector, lighting bulbs for the lights installed in your apartment. We can help you with this if time allows, for a cost of materials, work wages and delivery. Please contact us prior to ordering these services for a price indication.

Change of shower hose, shower nozzle, toilet seat, carbon filter as well as sponge filter is made at the cost of the tenant, unless it has been caused by reckless use. Waiting hours is usually around five work days, except for changing kitchen fan filters which could take longer due to longer delivery time.

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