Damages, tear and faulty report

We hope that your time as a tenant in our student housing will be fun and pleasant, and that everything in the apartment functions properly. Below you will find information for how to best maintain your apartment as well as how to make a faulty report in case of any damage.

Faulty report

Is something not right with your apartment? If you leave damage without any measures it mostly makes the situation worse. Please make sure to make a faulty report as soon as you notice a problem.

Use our housing app or click My Pages to make a faulty report. Once logged in to My Pages, click ”For tenants” and then Faulty Report. It is important that you fill in all information in the faulty report, and thereafter clearly describe the issue, as well as the urgency of the issue.

Urgent faulty report

Damages that could be a danger to the property, such as water leakage or burglary, please contact us as soon as possible on our duty phone at: 0417-58 55 22.
If you make a non-urgent faulty report to our on duty phone you will be charged for the visit


SBS has a general contract with Nomor. Please register/contact them via this link Nomor, and if you need to contact them directly call them at 0771-122 300 and give them the insurance number: Trygg-Hansa 25-2434800

Do it yourself

We are always here for you when you have problems, but some things in your home are taken care of by yourself. For example changing light bulbs and cleaning the drains. If your fire alarm is broken it has to be reported, but you change the batteries yourself. Many great tips, for example how to get the power back on can be found here.

We gladly help, but remember that if we help you with anything which is within your responsibility as a tenant, or come to you for an unnecessary errand you will be charged for the work.

Before the superintendent arrives

The faulty report is usually handled within a week, but acute errands have the top priority. Once receiving your faulty report you will receive a confirmation email to the email address used in your faulty report.

In cases where you grant access to your apartment with the main key we will leave a message after our visit, to confirm that we have been to the apartment. If you have not granted access through main key we will contact you priori to our visit, which could result in longer time before our visit can be made. The staff will try contacting you twice, and if you are not responding in that time you will have to contact us yourself. Only the tenant on the contract can allow access to using the main key, and is the one applying the faulty report to us.

Damages and excessive wear and tear

If anything breaks in your apartment or needs service you should always start by making a faulty report. During excessive tear and damage you are obliged to being charged according to the Swedish rental law. You are also responsible for damage caused when someone from your household or a guest is behaving reckless or negligent. For example, if you have a roommate or external craftsmen causing damage to the apartment you are responsible. In other words, you are responsible for all damage to the apartment, regardless of who has caused them.

It is absolutely forbidden to drill in the bathroom, as it can damage the damp barrier. When fixing damage to the apartment there are several additional costs, including material, work costs, etc. Note that you are not only paying for the material in case of damage, but for the person buying it, driving out to your apartment, exchanging it and travel back. In some cases there might even need more people, such as electricians or plumbers.

If you wish to repair the damage yourself it should be made professionally. Please contact us with any questions at info@sbsstudent.se.

Other questions

Do not hesitate to contact us at info@sbsstudent.se for questions and concerns. Thank you for your cooperation!

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