Communal areas

In all our properties you as a student share many areas with your neighbours. In these areas it is especially important to respect and follow all of our rules and guidelines in order to make living as pleasant as possible, as well as avoiding poor indoor climate and fire risks.

  • Smoking: Forbidden inside the apartments, as well as in the communal areas in the building.
  • Trash: It is not allowed to put trash bags, furniture or other things in communal areas or on the courtyard. Trash can attract mice, rats, birds or other pests. Also it does not look pleasant and could be a fire risk. Trashing as exemplified above with trash bags in the wrong place, furniture in communal spaces or improper parking of bikes, could result in you being charged with the cost of staff having to take care of or throw away these items.
  • Hallways/ access balconies: Due to the fire risks it is not allowed to place any inappropriate items in the communal areas of the building and access balconies. It is not allowed to leave larger furniture, bikes, shopping carts, couches, trash bags, etc. in the access balconies due to the fire risk. The access balconies has to be accessible to rescue people and people in the property in case of emergency. In the winter the access balconies has to be emptied for shovelling snow.
  • Roof: It is absolutely forbidden to access the roof of the property, as it can be dangerous. A person accessing the roof could result in a major accident but it could also damage the property as the roofs are not built to be used as floors.
  • Grill: It is not allowed to light a fire, candles, outdoor torches or grill on the access balconies or within 4 meters from the buildings. If there is an outdoor fire place this should primarily be used to grill.
  • Bikes: Should only be parked in the bicycle stands.
  • Fire doors and emergency exits: These are in place for everyone’s safety and may only be used in case of fire or emergency, and never as an extra exit on a daily basis. You may not add anything which stops these doors from closing.
  • Lock the doors: Please be careful to always lock the doors after using communal areas such as storage room, laundry room, refuse chamber or other areas.
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