Cleaning the apartment

You are responsible for the apartment and its condition as long as you are a tenant with us. It is therefore important that you take care of the apartment in the correct way and clean regularly and thoroughly.

Here is some information and advice to in the best way possible avoid unnecessary damage to arise. Keep in mind that we require a household comprehensive insurance from all tenants. By carelessness and damage the tenant may be liable in damage, which could imply a large amount if the tenant does not have a household comprehensive insurance.


Floors and floor carpet should be well cared for. Most materials can be cleaned using hot water and gentle detergent (soap or detergent). Linoleum carpets should be wiped with a well wringed cloth – only use gentle detergent, such as soap. Almost all floors, including wooden floors are carefully cleaned using a lightly damp cloth or mop. Linoleum floors are freshened up with polish if they are very worn out.


Cabinets and joinery are wiped with a damp cloth and gentle detergent. Clean the stove, oven and kitchen fan regularly. Clean the filter of the fan by putting it in the sink and filling it up with hot water and soap. Let dry and put back the dry fan. A clean filter reduces the soiling of the rest of the kitchen. Clean the oven using oven detergent – follow the instructions on the container. Always clean the baking tray after use. Tip: put aluminium foil in the bottom of the oven and a baking sheet on the baking tray in order to maintain a clean oven. Use pots with a flat base – poor pots and pans could lead to stove plates breaking, or stovetops getting burned. The stove provides more heat if the stove plates or tops are maintained clean. Don’t forget to regularly clean behind and next to the stove.

Clean your fridge and freezer regularly. When defrosting your freezer – don’t peck the ice. Let the ice melt by for example putting in a bowl of hot (not boiling) water. Regular defrosting gives a more even temperature and lower energy use, which also reduces the wear and tear of the kitchen appliances.

The drain in the sink easily becomes greasy. Food and other waste easily clogs the drain, so it is important not to throw waste in your drain. In cities with high levels of limestone in the water, such as Kristianstad, it is especially important to make sure to clean carefully and remove all limestone. If you let the limestone attach it might become more difficult to clean, and eventually it becomes impossible to remove. By cleaning regularly you should not have any problems with removing the limestone.

Make sure to always dry off water on cabinets or drawers from washing your dishes. It is important to dry off the water in order to avoid damage caused by damp. Use a dish rack with water collection so no water leaks to the kitchen sink, and also make sure to drain and dry off the water underneath the dish rack. It is very important to make sure that the dishes are completely dry before putting it back into the cabinets or drawers.


A soft brush with a gentle detergent is the best way to maintain the bathroom and toilet clean, without damaging the enamel, tiles or porcelain. Scouring agent scratches which makes cleaning more difficult. It is important to regularly dry and ventilate the bathroom. The washstand drain easily becomes greasy. Hair and other waste easily gets stuck, why it is important to not throw any waste into the drain. The drains are cleaned by regularly removing hair and other things from the bottom vent. The tenant should do this by him/herself. The floor drains in bathrooms are equipped with a water lock, which functions as flooding protection. In order to prevent flooding and bad smell the water lock has to be cleaned regularly. Remove the grate covering the floor drain and wipe off hair and other leftovers that are stuck in the grate. Clean the drain with a brush and flush it with water with the shower hose. Put the grate back in place and make sure there is water in the floor drain. If the water level is sinking, which it does after being out of use for some time, bad smell occurs. Ammonia, scouring agent, strong detergents and scouring nylon should be avoided on all materials.  

Make sure to wipe the bathroom cabinet in order to avoid dampness damage after showering or drying clothes. If you dry clothes in the apartment it should only be done in the bathroom with the bathroom door open. Unfortunately we have seen miscolouring of bathroom floors from hair colouring, which can be very costly for the person causing the damage.

In order for the ventilation to function it is important that the vents in kitchen and bathroom are not clogged, so please clean thoroughly. You can test the function of the vent by holding up a thin piece of toilet paper by the vent in the bathroom. If it sticks to the vent everything works properly. In many apartments there is also vents by the windows. Make sure these are open and not covered. It is very important that you send a faulty report in case the bathroom fan or ventilation stops working.

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