For the best comfort possible

We want all our tenants to feel comfortable and that their housing is a safe and pleasant environment. Therefore it is important that everyone respects the rules and regulations that apply. We have gathered some practical information for you that makes it more pleasant for everyone in our housing.

House rules
  • Keep in mind not to play loud music; Sure, you can play music during the day but you need to be considerate of your neighbours, and should therefore not play too loud or for too long. Your neighbour might be studying for an exam.
  • The building should be quit between 22:00 and 07:00.
  • Keep in mind that it might be easiest to talk to your neighbours. It is great to make good relations with your neighbours, and make sure to notice your neighbours if you are throwing a small party to avoid conflict.
  • Please avoid using shoes indoors, especially if you live on the upper floors.
  • Please avoid shaking or airing cloths, rugs and bed lining from the access balcony or other similar areas.

If we receive complaints from other tenants that you are not following the house rules or if there are multiple disturbances from you, we will send you a warning/notice with the opportunity to better. If there are still complaints after this we will terminate your lease.

You are responsible so please be careful of your apartment!

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