Folkparksvägen 12, 15, 18, 21
372 40 Ronneby

Folkparksvägen 10-21


In Ronneby, the ancient cultural heritage is mixed with craft stalls and fabulous castle environments. The small shopping streets in the city are crowded with cozy restaurants, cafes and shops. Here you can find souvenirs typical of the town or vintage bargains at one of the city's flea markets. At Folkparksvägen 10-21, you live in a green area and walk to the train station in just 10 minutes and further along the Ronnebyån river into town in 20 minutes.

In Ronneby we offer charming and space efficient 1 room and kitchenette of 21 sqm as well as well-planned 2 rooms and kitchen of 36 - 62 sqm and 3 rooms and kitchen of 66 sqm. We also have student rooms of 21 sqm, then with a shared kitchen. Bright and welcoming homes with bathroom and shower. The rent includes water, heating, electricity and internet. 12 months rent.

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  • Apartment type
    • 1 room, kitchen
    • Dorm room
  • No. Apt.
    • 28
    • 6
  • Rent
    • app. 3569–5532 kr/month
    • app. 2974-3314 kr/month
  • Size
    • 21-22 sqm
    • 21 sqm

11 buildings constructed in 1990 - 2000. 

Property description: Ronneby 25:19, Ronneby 25:22, Ronneby 25:23

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