Available Student Housing

With housing all over the Nordic region, SBS gives you a lot of options. Check out all of the housing available right now through these links. 

  • Luleå: Our student housing in Luleå is mediated through Studentbostadsservice
  • Stockholm: Our student housing in Stockholm is mediated through Bostad Stockholm
  • Malmö: Our student housing in Malmö is mediated through HomeQ and Boplats-Syd
  • Jönköping: Our student housing in Jönköping is mediated through HomeQ and www.studbo.se
  • The remaining locations are mediated through HomeQ, by registering with them, you are placed in their housing queue and collect points , but you need a Swedish BankID. If you do not have a BankID and are interested in any of our homes, please get in touch with the local student union (Studentkår) and they will help you out, or send us an email to info@sbsstudent.se and we will help you the best we can.