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We offer high quality, affordable student housing in the Nordic region. Click here to read more about us. 


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With the help of our housing app, you can take care of everything related to your accommodation via your mobile phone. In the app, you can access important information from us, send in error reports, receive your payment notices as well as easily pay them directly in the application.


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Campus Träbyn Aktuellt News

In 2022, Campus Träbyn, in the scenic area of Ekhagen is ready for occupancy.

Housing app Aktuellt News

At SBS, we always want to make it easier for you and in your everyday life. We have therefore gathered all information and services connected to your accommodation in one simple app.

For students and municipalities

SBS owns, manages and develops student housing in long term partnerships with municipalities, counties and universities. We offer high quality, affordable student housing and a fully digitalised rental management, to make living a seamless experience. Our goal is to become the leading student housing company in the Nordic region and the given choice for students on their way to their dream profession.

With housing all over the Nordic region, SBS gives you a lot of options. Click here, to check out our available housing!

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Start saving queue points today!

Apart from Luleå, all of our housing are conveyed through HomeQ and their housing queue. Once you sign up to their queue you can apply for student housing in 10 out of 11 of our cities. Even if you don’t know where you will be studying yet, you keep many options available. Additionally, at HomeQ you don’t have your queue points erased after moving into a student apartment, and continue to save points towards your next housing even after your studies. Isn’t it great?

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